Looking for new exhausts or tyres in Bedford?

L.A. Autos can replace exhausts and tyres for most makes of vehicle.

We understand that we’re not the only car garage within the local area. However, from previous client feedback we’re confident that we’re one of the best and here are three reasons why –

  • Experience – We’ve been providing our services since 1983. From our years of experience we know what it takes to deliver only the highest quality car repairs and servicing.
  • Service – We pride ourselves on the high quality service we deliver to all of our customers. We make sure you are kept fully informed with the work we’re carrying out on your vehicle and we’re always contactable during normal working hours.
  • Price – Although cheapest certainly doesn’t always mean best, especially when it comes to carrying out work on your vehicle, we make sure our prices are certainly competitive.

We hope from the information provided above, you feel that we’re the best choice for you when you require vehicle tyre fitters, or any other type of car service we offer.

To book your car in with us, please call us on 01234 354 237. We’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

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Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car and account for 20% of all MOT Failures. They should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good condition, as a blowout can be very dangerous.

So when do you need new car tyres? Here’s our quick checklist of things to look for that may mean you need new car tyres;

Vibration: Our vehicles always vibrate to a degree whilst driving, especially over uneven surfaces, and we get used to what normal vibration feels like. If you start to feel vibrations that are not normal, your tyres could well be to blame, if this is happening we recommend you bring your car in to us as soon as possible and if necessary we will fit new car tyres for you.

Tread Depth: By law, the tread on your tyres must be at least 1.6 mm. A new tyre has a tread depth of around 8 mm and we recommend changing them at between 2 and 3 mm for safety, more if you are often driving on slick, wet roads. Many newer tyres have a tread wear indicator bar, which is almost invisible when the tyres are new, but gradually begins to appear as your tyre wears down, if you can see these on your tyre, it is probably time to get new tyres.

Cracks: The tread is not the only reason you can need new car tyres. Cracks in the sidewall can deteriorate a tyre’s integrity. Check for cracks in the sidewall regularly as they can indicate a leak or potential blow out and will mean you need new car tyres.

Bulges and Blisters: If the outer surface of your tyre is beginning to weaken, bulges and blisters that extend from the surface can appear. These can cause a sudden blow out on your tyre, so if they develop you need new car tyres.

If you think you may need new car tyres, and are based in Bedfordshire, why not pop into L.A. Auto Services Ltd and we will be happy to look at your tyres and let you know if you need new ones. You can find us at 3-5 Shuttleworth Court, Shuttleworth Road, Bedford. MK41 0EN or give us a ring on 01234 354237.


Here at L.A. Auto Services, we are a leading car garage in Bedford. We have been providing car services to the local area since 1993 and although we specialise in German vehicles, we are able to carry out services, repairs and MOT’s on all types of cars.


Quite simply, we’re extremely proud of the high quality car services we provide. Our expert team ensure that you will only receive the best experience from us at some of the most affordable prices within the local area.

If you would like to find out more, or to book your car in for a service with us, please call us on 01234 354 237. We’ll be more than happy to assist you further.


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