Changes you can make to your car for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Climate change and going green is such a current issue and so many people are interested in finding out how they can make a difference. There is always actions that can be taken to ensure that your car is more environmentally friendly. It isn’t always possible for people to invest in new hybrid, super green cars and knowing where to start can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we at LA Autos have put together a helpful guide on our top-tips for keeping your car as eco-friendly as possible.


Tyre Pressure

Check your tyre pressure regularly. If your tyres are underinflated, this can mean that your car is not running as efficiently as usual, therefore the engine is having to work harder. Any stress you can take off your engine is a good move for becoming more environmentally friendly.


Air-con or windows?

Swap the air-con for open windows. On humid days, why not open the windows and get some fresh air rather than switching on the air-conditioning? This is such a simple way to cut down on unnecessary energy. recommend opening windows when your speed is below 45mph, however when you are driving quicker than this, the drag effect of the windows being open begins to make it more fuel efficient to shut them and go back to the air-con.



Get Serviced

Get your car serviced regularly. Studies show that cars which are checked regularly cause less CO2 emissions. Getting your car service helps to keep your engine ‘clean’. MOT tests will check that your car is running efficiently. For example, in May last year, emissions standards were made tougher for diesel vehicles. Although this may sound frustrating if you drive a diesel, it is important you know that your car is driving as efficiently as possible and isn’t causing too much harm to the environment!


Emissions Systems

Keep a check on your emissions systems. This system cleans the exhaust fumes that are leaving the tailpipe. If this is faulty; the gases will increase heavily which, of course, is harmful to the environment. Keep an eye out for the ‘Check engine light’.


Cruise Control

Use cruise control to maintain speeds without rapid accelerations. When using cruise control, your car can achieve up to 15% better mileage. This is because your gas intake is lowered, therefore your mileage is maximised.


Plan Ahead

Plan your journeys ahead to ensure that you are taking the eco-friendliest route possible. For example, lift sharing or saving errands for one trip can help cut down your fuel-consumption. Use a satnav system to avoid traffic as much as possible. You can also install a small GPS transmitter into your vehicle, which over time will track routes you have taken and eventually will be able to use this data to create the fastest and most eco-friendly route possible.



Avoid The Rush

Where possible, avoid rush hour traffic. Sitting in traffic can consume excess fuel. It also means that your route to work is much more pleasant!


Travel Light

Be wary of the weight your car is carrying. Avoid driving with a full boot where possible. Unnecessary items in your boot or on a roof rack can cut mileage. If you can empty your boot before travelling, it’s best to do so.


Wash At Home

Wash your car at home instead of in a car wash. This means that you are able to monitor how much water is being used and you can insure that biodegradable soap is used, making it less harmful to the environment.



Recycle Used Oil

Never tip oil down a drain, into a bin or pour it onto the ground. Motor oil is extremely harmful to the environment and can even make its way into drinking water.


Eco-friendly Tyres

Consider investing in eco-friendly tyres. Although they are more expensive, they are cheaper than investing in a hybrid car.


Walk If Possible

Although we all love going for drives and road tripping, on the shorter trips to the shops or running other errands, consider walking.


“It definitely makes more sense from a green perspective to keep your old car running and well-maintained as long as you can‚ especially if it’s getting such good mileage. There are significant environmental costs to both manufacturing a new automobile and adding your old car to the ever-growing collective junk heap.” – Scientific American


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