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MOT Service in Bedfordshire

Every year your car must take an MOT test and pass all of the necessary safety requirements to ensure that it is roadworthy. At LA Auto Services, our friendly and experienced professionals will check all of the important parts of your vehicle to ensure it meets all legal standards set by the DSVA.

An MOT test ensures that you are keeping yourself and your family as safe as possible when driving your vehicle, which is why it is so important to book your MOT with a trusted, experienced garage. At LA Auto Services we work extremely hard to provide a high standard of customer service and to be both reliable and cost effective. We are also proud to be approved by the RAC in recognition of the quality and reliability of our work.

We are able to offer both Class 4 & 7 MOTs in Bedfordshire. Class 7 MOTs are for commercial vehicles weighing 3000kg – 3500kg (usually commercial / business vans). This includes MOTs for larger vans such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. If you are unsure of your cars weight, this can be found in the vehicles handbook or V5 registration document. If you are still unsure, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we can advise you further.

We also offer a variety of other vehicle services including;

  • Body repair
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Tyres
  • Winter / Summer checks
  • Auto diagnostics
  • Technical repairs


Covid-19 – How Are We Protecting You And Our Colleagues

What are our COVID-19 Policies?

We are sure you are concerned about the current crisis throughout the globe which is why we feels it’s important to keep you up to date with what is happening, how we are responding and the steps we are taking to keep you and our colleagues safe.

On Monday 23rd March, the Prime Minister announced new social distancing measures which will have a profound impact on our lives over the next few weeks, and potentially longer.

Following the announcement, the Government published a list of retailers that are considered essential. That list includes Garage services and Bicycle shops.

We’d like to update you on how we are addressing the ‘essential’ status of the garage, and, importantly, set out the steps we are taking to provide our services in the safest way possible.

How can La Autos keep Britain moving in a time of crisis?

We understand that there are people throughout the UK who urgently need their cars in this time of crisis. Nurses need to get to the hospital, Volunteers need to get to the pharmacy and parents need to get to supermarkets, among a great many other key and crucial people who rely on their car.

How are we keeping customers and colleagues safe?

It goes without saying that we are taking care to ensure that vulnerable colleagues who should not be working at the present time are able to stay at home.

To keep our colleagues and customers safe, we will be offering a “contact free drop off and collection”.

What does this involve?

When you bring your car to the garage, you do not need to come into the office. Simply sound your horn, leave the keys in the ignition and we will come out and collect your car.

Before you arrive to pick your car up, we will sanitise the key of the car, door handle, gear lever, indicators switch and anything else that may have been touched. We will also always be wearing gloves.

We have made these changed in order to protect our loyal customers and staff

We look forward to it being business as usual in the (hopefully) not too distant future, but until then please bear with these changes and help us to abide by government guidelines by following our newly implemented rules.

Best Cars For First Time Drivers

What are the best cars for new drivers?

So, you spend months learning to drive and finally pass your test. Next comes choosing a car. With so many options out there, it can be a very overwhelming decision!

When deciding on your first car, you’ll need to consider how affordable the car itself is as well as how affordable it is to maintain. Here are the most popular and most suitable cars for first-time drivers.


Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo has good fuel economy, reasonable insurance and minimal road tax. Used prices start at around £3k +. The design is modern, stylish and if you are buying it new, it has plenty of options in terms of personalisation. This 1.0-litre is a compact car, ideal for first time drivers, especially those who will be driving around busy areas.


Hyundai i10

With the Hyundai i10, you can choose between a 1.0 litre or a 1.2, meaning it’s cheap to tax and insure. In fact, it sits in insurance group one! With used price from £2.5k +, this car is a great option for those looking for an even more affordable option. It even (only just) sits 5 people!


Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up can be found used for £1k + and is in insurance group one, meaning its both cheap to buy and cheap to keep on the road. It’s easy to park with its tiny turning circle, making it ideal for city driving.


Vauxhall Adam

For those with a slightly higher budget of £5k +, the Vauxhall Adam is another eye-catching alternative. However, when buying it used, it can often be hard to find a design you actually like, since it is so customisable. It’s not as cheap as other cars to run either, however if you like the design this could be the option for you.

How To Keep Your Car Clean In The Winter

Are you struggling to keep your car clean in the winter?

It can sometimes feel impossible to keep your car clean in the winter, with snow, puddles, slush and mud, it seems the weather is constantly against you. Not everyone has time to wash their cars and it is definitely not an enjoyable activity in the cold. Using a car wash regularly can become expensive, so if there are ways to prevent your car from getting quite so messy, they are probably worth it!

  1. Buy a pressure washer! A pressure washer can make the process of cleaning your car much quicker and also much more effective. You don’t need any extra cleaning agents, just clean stubborn dirt off your car in minutes!
  2. Wax your car regularly to protect against road salt.
  3. Make sure that you dry your car after it has been washed – this will help it to stay cleaner for longer and will also avoid water from freezing the windows on the really cold days.
  4. Use mud flaps to stop mud from reaching the arches and doors.
  5. Avoid country roads where possible – not only do they get gridded as often, they are also much likely to be covered in mud and puddles. If you do use country roads, drive slowly.
  6. Put rubber mats over the carpets over the winter to avoid muddy boots leaving stains on the car flooring. It is much easier to replace muddy rubber mats than the carpets!
  7. Store your car in a garage where possible, or if not, invest in a car cover.
  8. Snow foam is worth using to get the worst of grime and salt off of your car. Coat the car in snow foam and jet wash off to give your car a deep clean this winter.
  9. Keep surface wipes in the glovebox so that if someone does bring mud into the car, you have a way to wipe it off before it dries.
  10. Purchase a wheel brush to get into the smaller spots!

It is worth investing in a professional clean throughout the inside and outside of your car monthly to make it easier to keep clean throughout the rest of the month.

We hope you found these top tips useful, make sure you put them to good use! If you need to get your car serviced and ready to go, please contact LA Autos via our contact us page or ring us on 01234 354237.

What Causes Tyres To Crack?

Why do tyres get cracks?

Tyres can crack for numerous reasons, including;

  • Overheating
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Age
  • Wet Roads
  • Old Roads
  • Degradation


But what do these actually mean and what can we do to prevent them?

Overheating – UV rays can make tyres expand with heat, then constrict in the cold.

Tyre Pressure – If tyres are over pressurised then this can lead to them cracking as it adds extra stress to tyres walls.

Age – Tyres wear over time, so if your tyres are getting old they may be more likely to crack.

Wet Roads – Water can permeate tyres if you are regularly driving through water or on wet surfaces.

Old Roads – Older, country roads are more likely to have potholes and bumps, therefore putting your cars at risk of cracked tyres.

Degradation – Rubber can deteriorate over time. Although chemicals are added to rubber to make them reinforced, they will never last forever!


If you are in need of new tyres, drop us an email to to get booked in!

Tips For Long Car Journeys With Your Dog!

How to travel with your dog in the car safely

Whether you are driving to visit family or going on holiday with your dog, it is important to consider how to make the journey safe  and as calm as possible for your pet.


Secure in Harness

Our first tip is to make sure your dog is secure in a harness and seatbelt. You can buy these from most pet shops. The seat belt clips onto the harness and works the same as our seat belts, but gives the dog a bit more freedom to get comfy. Alternatively, if you don’t have a spare seatbelt plug, the best other option is to get a dog cage for your car boot. It is really important that your dog is secure in the case of an accident, but also that they can’t get to you or distract you whilst you are driving.


Take Regular Breaks

If you are travelling a long distance with your Dog, make sure you take regular pit stops! A lot of motorway service stations now have dog walking areas, which allow you to let your dog get some exercise safely. Never let your dog off the lead by a road – even if you trust that it will stay close to you. Accidents happen and dogs get easily distracted, so to keep both it and the people driving past you safe, keep your dog on a lead at all times when out the car.


Offer them Water

Dogs can get hot and bothered when stuck in a car. Make sure you offer the dog water throughout the journey and maybe even a treat or two if they are being good! Also note that much like us humans, drinking water from new, unfamiliar locations can cause an upset stomach for dogs. Use bottled water when travelling to avoid these issues.



Don’t Leave it in a Parked Car

Even if it doesn’t seem like a particularly hot day, cars get stuffy and uncomfortable when parked. Never leave your dog in a parked car unattended. This is hugely dangerous and many dogs have lost their lives due to this mistake. Instead, stop at places which allow dogs so that they can enjoy a refreshing stop at the same time as you!


Bring Home Comforts

Whether it’s your dogs favourite toy or a soft, comfortable blanket; having some home comforts with them in the car will automatically help them to feel more at ease. This will be particularly helpful if your dog is extra anxious in the car.


Avoid a Big Breakfast

If you know from experience that your dog gets car sickness or aren’t too sure, it’s best to avoid giving them a big breakfast before leaving. Instead, try giving them a little bit of food before you go and the rest when you arrive. This will also act as a treat for being so well behaved on the journey!


Take Some Test Drives

If you are really unsure on how well your dog will do in the car, it is a good idea to go on some shorted ‘test drives’ before the big trip. Plan a day of driving to a park so they get a treat out of it too!


Pack Supplies

Just like packing for kids, your dogs may need some extra supplies. Don’t forget to pack plastic bags, any medication given by a vet, a travel water bottle, treats and toys! It is also worth making a note of emergency numbers for your Vet incase anything goes wrong or your dog gets sick whilst away.


Plan in Advance

If taking your dog on a road trip, remember to plan in advance that all of your stops are pet-friendly. For example, make sure the beach allows dogs and definitely make sure that any accommodation is aware of your fury friend!



Head Inside The Car

You may see it all the time in movies and TV shows, but letting your dog stick their head out of the car window is actually very dangerous. Not only could they get hit by tight bridges or other vehicles, they also can get grit and other nasty things caught in their eyes. Keep them safely in the car, but there is definitely no harm in opening the window slightly for some fresh air.


Make Sure They are Microchipped

Never take your dog away with you before it has been microchipped. The law states that any dog who is old enough to leave the house should be microchipped.


Consider Using Window Shades

If the weather is extra sunny and bright, consider purchasing some window shades to avoid direct sunlight making your dog overheat. This will help them to stay as comfortable as possible as well as making the car cooler for everyone else too.


We hope you found these top tips useful, make sure you put them to good use on a fun road trip with your pets this summer! If you need to get your car serviced and ready to go, please contact LA Autos via our contact us page or ring us on 01234 354237.

How To Ensure Your Car Is More Eco-Friendly!

Changes you can make to your car for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Climate change and going green is such a current issue and so many people are interested in finding out how they can make a difference. There is always actions that can be taken to ensure that your car is more environmentally friendly. It isn’t always possible for people to invest in new hybrid, super green cars and knowing where to start can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we at LA Autos have put together a helpful guide on our top-tips for keeping your car as eco-friendly as possible.


Tyre Pressure

Check your tyre pressure regularly. If your tyres are underinflated, this can mean that your car is not running as efficiently as usual, therefore the engine is having to work harder. Any stress you can take off your engine is a good move for becoming more environmentally friendly.


Air-con or windows?

Swap the air-con for open windows. On humid days, why not open the windows and get some fresh air rather than switching on the air-conditioning? This is such a simple way to cut down on unnecessary energy. recommend opening windows when your speed is below 45mph, however when you are driving quicker than this, the drag effect of the windows being open begins to make it more fuel efficient to shut them and go back to the air-con.



Get Serviced

Get your car serviced regularly. Studies show that cars which are checked regularly cause less CO2 emissions. Getting your car service helps to keep your engine ‘clean’. MOT tests will check that your car is running efficiently. For example, in May last year, emissions standards were made tougher for diesel vehicles. Although this may sound frustrating if you drive a diesel, it is important you know that your car is driving as efficiently as possible and isn’t causing too much harm to the environment!


Emissions Systems

Keep a check on your emissions systems. This system cleans the exhaust fumes that are leaving the tailpipe. If this is faulty; the gases will increase heavily which, of course, is harmful to the environment. Keep an eye out for the ‘Check engine light’.


Cruise Control

Use cruise control to maintain speeds without rapid accelerations. When using cruise control, your car can achieve up to 15% better mileage. This is because your gas intake is lowered, therefore your mileage is maximised.


Plan Ahead

Plan your journeys ahead to ensure that you are taking the eco-friendliest route possible. For example, lift sharing or saving errands for one trip can help cut down your fuel-consumption. Use a satnav system to avoid traffic as much as possible. You can also install a small GPS transmitter into your vehicle, which over time will track routes you have taken and eventually will be able to use this data to create the fastest and most eco-friendly route possible.



Avoid The Rush

Where possible, avoid rush hour traffic. Sitting in traffic can consume excess fuel. It also means that your route to work is much more pleasant!


Travel Light

Be wary of the weight your car is carrying. Avoid driving with a full boot where possible. Unnecessary items in your boot or on a roof rack can cut mileage. If you can empty your boot before travelling, it’s best to do so.


Wash At Home

Wash your car at home instead of in a car wash. This means that you are able to monitor how much water is being used and you can insure that biodegradable soap is used, making it less harmful to the environment.



Recycle Used Oil

Never tip oil down a drain, into a bin or pour it onto the ground. Motor oil is extremely harmful to the environment and can even make its way into drinking water.


Eco-friendly Tyres

Consider investing in eco-friendly tyres. Although they are more expensive, they are cheaper than investing in a hybrid car.


Walk If Possible

Although we all love going for drives and road tripping, on the shorter trips to the shops or running other errands, consider walking.


“It definitely makes more sense from a green perspective to keep your old car running and well-maintained as long as you can‚ especially if it’s getting such good mileage. There are significant environmental costs to both manufacturing a new automobile and adding your old car to the ever-growing collective junk heap.” – Scientific American


If your car is due an MOT or you would just like some further advice on how to keep your car running as eco-friendly as possible, give LA Autos in Bedford a call. We offer servicing, repairs and MOT most car manufacturers.  Our team are experienced and use state-of-the-art equipment when working on your cars to ensure every job is done to perfection! You can find out more of what we offer on our website.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01234 354237, or contact us via our website, so we can discuss your needs further!

Is Your Car MOT Test Ready?

How to know if your car is ready for an MOT

MOT tests changed in May last year, and although that seems a while ago, the full effect of these changes are being felt now. Don’t be caught out with how these changes may affect you when you bring your car in for its MOT. These tougher regulations mean it is more important now to look after your vehicle.

There were five significant changes to MOT tests in 2018. These were:

1. Tougher emissions standards for diesel vehicles
If you drive a diesel you may be aware of the issues surrounding them recently. Your emissions will be tested to comply with MOT test requirements.
Lots of diesel vehicles are fitted with a filter which helps to reduce the emissions from the car. Vehicles fitted with this filter (known as a Diesel Particulate Filter), will be checked for visible smoke.
If smoke can be seen, the vehicle will be classed as having a major fault which means an automatic failure on your MOT. In addition, if it seems that your filter has been altered this will cause an automatic MOT failure also.

2. MOT certificate changes
The MOT certificate itself has had a redesign to make it easier for motorists to understand the results. The latest version will list all defects under the new categories to make the results clear.

3. Older cars
Any vehicle manufactured before 1960 was already exempt from MOT testing. This has been extended to include vehicles registered forty years ago or longer. This means that vehicles first registered in 1979 are now also exempt.
However! If your vehicle has been significantly modified in the last thirty years, it must still have an MOT test! Don’t get caught out.

4. Defects
The way that MOT defects are categorised has changed. They are now classed as either;
Major or
Minor defects will still allow you to pass the MOT test, Major and Dangerous faults it will automatically fail.

5. New checks have also been introduced on the following areas:

• Ensuring that brake fluid isn’t contaminated

• Fluid leaks that might be an environmental risk

• Reversing lights and whether they are functioning correctly

• Brake pad warning lights functioning correctly as well as if brake pads or discs are missing

• Brake pad warning lights working, as well as if any brake pads or discs aren’t present

• Ensuring that headlight washers are working on vehicles which have them fitted

• Headlight washers working on vehicles which came into use from 1st September 2009

• Daytime running lights on vehicles from 1st March 2018.

• Identifying underinflated tyres

10% of MOT failures are because of issues with tyres, this last one is easy to avoid if you carry out simple checks before your MOT test.

If your car is due an MOT, give us a call at LA Autos in Bedford! We service, repair and MOT most makes of cars!

How Can I Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys?

Top Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained on Car Journeys

Car journeys are stressful, and when you add children into the mix…it becomes even more complicated! The thought of a 6 hour drive down to Cornwall with children confined to the car and the usual ‘are we nearly there yet’ on repeat can bring any parent to tears!

How can you make your car journey less stressful, children entertained and everyone happy? We’ve got some great tips for you to help with younger and older childen;

  1. Activity books – Drawing books, colouring books and puzzle books are a great thing to bring along. They don’t take up much space and can entertain children for a good hour! Traditional story and picture books are great whether your child can read or not too.
  2. Travel games – Stock up on mini version of popular games. Chess, connect4 and battleship are timeless and sure to keep older children occupied for a while.
  3. Audio books – Maybe better for older children, but audio books are great for playing in the background and mean everyone can enjoy them at the same time
  4. Frequent stops – If you’ve travelled with a toddler who is only just out of nappies you’ll know the stress of having to ask them every 5 minutes if they need the toilet! Frequent stops give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and something else to look at other than the passing roads. Plan in somewhere unusual along the way to stave off boredom. If you have little ones, see if there is a soft play centre along the route where they can burn off energy and (hopefully) sleep for the rest of the journey…win win!
  5. A tablet – An iPad, Kindle or your phone with Kids YouTube, Netflix or other streaming services or games is always a winner when things get tough!
  6. Portable DVD player – A DVD player is cheaper than a tablet and doesn’t require the internet! Simply pack a selection of films and TV shows set it up in the back of the car
  7. Word games – A true classic who’s popularity has wained over the years. Bring back I-Spy, word association and story games to keep children (and adults) entertained
  8. Snacks – Children seem to be bottomless pits of hunger and a car journey is a prime time for them to be ‘hungry’. Stock up on snacks for the car
  9. Mini toy bags – Put together some toy bags before you set off. Include little toys they’ve never had before (like a party bag). These can be small things bought from a poundshop or little home made things. Either way the kids will enjoy looking through and finding something new
  10. Sing along – Get some kids CDs and have a good old fashioned sing a long. Kids will love singing (shouting) along to them

Why Are Tyres So Important?

And why should you let LA Autos Bedford take care of your tyres?

As the only source of contact between your car and the surface of the road, the tyres are one of the single most important pieces of equipment when it comes to vehicle safety. Tyres, which are worn out or just in generally poor condition, are more likely to burst, or otherwise lose traction on the road – both of which could cause a serious accident. Many people don’t know anything about tyres or what is/isn’t safe so, when do you know if you need to buy new tyres?

Do your tyres need checking? Have you been experiencing vibration when you drive your vehicle? The issue could be the tyres. For any motorist, it’s important to check the tyres from time to time, as this will help you to pick up on any problems or issues, such as wear and tear, or even a slow puncture. These days many of us depend on our cars. For businesses especially, having a vehicle off the road for any length of time can mean a loss of profits. In order to minimise downtime, you will want to fit the replacement tyre of tyres as soon as possible.

What problems can tyres cause?

In order for a vehicle to pass it’s MOT it must be deemed to have road worthy tyres, if you notice any of the following you should get them checked:

Vibration – Any unusual or sudden vibrations could mean your tyres need changing.

Tread Depth – Tyre tread must be at least 1.6mm, modern tyres have an indicator showing when they need changing. If you are in any doubt about the tread of your tyre its best to get them checked.

Cracks – You should check for cracks in the side of the tyre to determine if they are roadworthy.

Bulges and Blisters – Any bulges or blisters visible on the tyre can cause a blow out, so these would need to be changed as soon as possible

As a car ages, wear and tear on the tyres is normal. Tyres wear down slowly and gradually, and can do so without you noticing. It’s therefore important to check your tyres – or have them checked by a tyre expert – to ensure the tyre treads have not eroded away past the safety standard required. From puncture repairs to wheel imbalance issues to the replacement of damaged or vandalised tyres, if you need car tyre fitters who can service your car and make it roadworthy again quickly then choose the team at LA Autos.

How can bad tyres damage your car?

The reasons for needing to change a tyre vary, from general wear and tear to age to over-inflation. A tyre can need changing simply because it is an old tyre, or it can be due to excessive hard breaking, which can cause permanent damage. Any juddering might be due to tyre imbalance, and one of your tyres may need looking at or replacing. Tyres may need replacing due to repeated hard breaking or due to underinflated tyre pressure. Tyres can also be damaged due to impact damage, cuts, and camber wear.

It’s always important to avoid hitting the kerb when parking or driving. Hitting the kerb hard can result in hidden tyre damage which is only noticeable later on. If you suspect a problem with your tyre or tyres, take it to your nearest garage with tyre fitting facilities. If there is wheel imbalance then this can damage the car’s steering mechanisms, bearings and suspensions. By replacing any tyres which need to be replaced quickly, you’ll find that balance again, and this will ensure safety and longevity. Car tyres account for 20% of all MOT test failures, so it’s important to make sure they’re in good working order.


What should be checked on your tyres?

To ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, you need to ensure you take care of the tyres. This can be done by checking the tread depth(When a tyre is new, it will have a tread depth of around 8mm and over time, the tyre will lose more and more to the road surface. Although the legal limit is 1.6mm, it is generally advisable to change the tyres when they reach around 2-3mm. Consider buying a tread depth tester to see when your need to be replaced), looking for any holes and any general wear and tear. As well as being on the lookout for cracks in and around the treads of the tyre, another important area to check is the tyres sidewall. A crack in the sidewall could result in a blow-out so if you see one, it’s safer to get it checked at your local garage. Looking after your tyres should not be just simply to get your vehicle through the MOT, but also to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. A new tyre should offer you maximum grip and optimum performance. If a tyre or tyres needs to be replaced then you will need your garage to find tyres which fit your vehicle and your driving style. Once the new tyres are fitted, you should experience an incredibly smooth drive.


Why should you choose LA Autos as your Bedford tyre fitters?

At LA Autos, we are the leading car tyre fitter in Beds and we have extensive experience of ensuring vehicles are kept in great condition. We have vast experience in looking after vehicles so if you need help with your vehicle tyres, we can help. Fitting tyres requires the correct tools and equipment, and it requires attention to detail. Do you require the help of car tyre fitters? You can find a professional service in Bedford from LA Autos. Don’t leave a tyre problem to get worse. We ensure that the process of fitting the new tyres for you is fast, efficient and affordable. We already stock a wide range of tyres to help speed up the process and we have different brands available for your individual requirements and budget.


Here at LA Autos we know how important it is to have your car at your disposal, whether for work purposes in the case of a commercial vehicle or recreational purposes. Our clear focus is always on reuniting you with your car as soon as possible. At LA Autos we can supply and fit your car with any brand of tyre, often on the day the car is brought in.


To find out more, give us a call on 01234 354237, or contact us here!

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