Engine Diagnostics In Bedford

We all know that cars are becoming more computerised, which means that it’s getting harder and harder to tell exactly what the problem is. Here at LA Auto’s, with our specialist equipment, we’ll be able to determine the cause of the problem, and find a solution for you. This process is called Engine Diagnostics.

When something goes wrong with your car, you might think that it’s going to end up costing you an arm and a leg – especially for problems affecting the engine itself. Whereas simple problems such as flat tyres, faulty exhausts or dents in the bodywork can be easily assessed and estimated, engine issues can be caused by a whole range of issues. This means that a seemingly minor problem can actually turn out to be something much more serious or vice versa. If a tyre needs replacing, you can simply look around to see who will be able to offer you the best price on a new one, but it isn’t so simple with an unknown engine diagnostic issue!

Fault warning lights and errors with a car’s engine can occur at any time in a vehicle’s life. In the event that a warning light does pop up on the dashboard then it’s important and necessary to take your car to your local car garage for a diagnosis and a service. Some lights that flash up on the dashboard are not serious and can just refer to a faulty headlamp. But some lights might indicate a fault with your vehicle’s engine. If there is a fault with the engine, then it’s not the best idea to continue to run the vehicle as this will inevitably lead to further engine damage, a more extensive garage job, and a heftier bill at the end of it all. In order to maintain your vehicle properly and keep it performing at its peak, get your car engine checked when a warning light appears.

At LA Autos we service all makes of vehicle, using the very latest Bosch diagnostics computer testing equipment. Diagnostics computer testing equipment is a form of electronic diagnosis used to pinpoint the fault with your car on computer-controlled systems. The range of diagnostic tools available to us will allow us to locate, diagnose and correct the fault, having both you and your car up and running as soon as possible.

Diagnostic equipment has advanced as cars have become more computerised. Modern cars contain on-board computers that keep an eye on everything from the engine to the windscreen wipers. If something goes wrong with your vehicle or if a component is not working as it should then the computer will show up an error code which can be read with diagnostics equipment. If your car’s computer reports a problem with your engine (this is often done by way of a warning light appearing on the dashboard) then it’s always best to get any engine issues dealt with as soon as possible. If problems with the engine are not diagnosed and resolved quickly, this can increase the level of damage to the engine, leading to a more costly repair job.



One of the only lights no-one ever wants to see lit up is the engine management signal in their car. When it lights up, it could mean that any number of problems has been detected in your car, but doesn’t provide any further indication as to what it could be. From faulty sensors, valves, electrics, spark plugs, and cylinders…. the list goes on! Even though it may just turn out to be a false alarm and nothing any more serious than a faulty readout from a sensor, it is definitely a good idea to avoid driving unnecessarily and get it down to your local garage as soon as possible. Ignoring the light and continuing to drive the vehicle could turn a small problem into a much bigger one, and mean that you need to replace more parts than you originally had to. This will result in a longer servicing time and increased parts and labour costs too. So, if you see the engine diagnostic light appear or the engine doesn’t feel quite right as you’re driving along, you should get it checked right away.

Is a warning light flashing on your dashboard? Engine diagnostics is used to determine the problem with your vehicle’s engine, and to offer a swift diagnosis so that your vehicle can be returned to you as quickly as possible following the repair work. Engine diagnostics is used to determine the problem with your vehicle. As automotive technology continues to become more advanced, technicians need to remain on top. At LA Autos, our technicians use the latest technology to perform engine diagnostics checks on your vehicle, determining the problem and finding the solution.

It has always been our aim to provide quality, value and personal commitment to the client. L.A Auto services are also part of the ‘Bosch Car Service Centre’ network, which gives us access to the latest state of the art equipment. We can also replace exhausts and tyres for most makes of vehicle, are specialists in body repairs and have a heated spray shop with the very latest paint mixing equipment.


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