And why should you let LA Autos Bedford take care of your tyres?

As the only source of contact between your car and the surface of the road, the tyres are one of the single most important pieces of equipment when it comes to vehicle safety. Tyres, which are worn out or just in generally poor condition, are more likely to burst, or otherwise lose traction on the road – both of which could cause a serious accident. Many people don’t know anything about tyres or what is/isn’t safe so, when do you know if you need to buy new tyres?

Do your tyres need checking? Have you been experiencing vibration when you drive your vehicle? The issue could be the tyres. For any motorist, it’s important to check the tyres from time to time, as this will help you to pick up on any problems or issues, such as wear and tear, or even a slow puncture. These days many of us depend on our cars. For businesses especially, having a vehicle off the road for any length of time can mean a loss of profits. In order to minimise downtime, you will want to fit the replacement tyre of tyres as soon as possible.

What problems can tyres cause?

In order for a vehicle to pass it’s MOT it must be deemed to have road worthy tyres, if you notice any of the following you should get them checked:

Vibration – Any unusual or sudden vibrations could mean your tyres need changing.

Tread Depth – Tyre tread must be at least 1.6mm, modern tyres have an indicator showing when they need changing. If you are in any doubt about the tread of your tyre its best to get them checked.

Cracks – You should check for cracks in the side of the tyre to determine if they are roadworthy.

Bulges and Blisters – Any bulges or blisters visible on the tyre can cause a blow out, so these would need to be changed as soon as possible

As a car ages, wear and tear on the tyres is normal. Tyres wear down slowly and gradually, and can do so without you noticing. It’s therefore important to check your tyres – or have them checked by a tyre expert – to ensure the tyre treads have not eroded away past the safety standard required. From puncture repairs to wheel imbalance issues to the replacement of damaged or vandalised tyres, if you need car tyre fitters who can service your car and make it roadworthy again quickly then choose the team at LA Autos.

How can bad tyres damage your car?

The reasons for needing to change a tyre vary, from general wear and tear to age to over-inflation. A tyre can need changing simply because it is an old tyre, or it can be due to excessive hard breaking, which can cause permanent damage. Any juddering might be due to tyre imbalance, and one of your tyres may need looking at or replacing. Tyres may need replacing due to repeated hard breaking or due to underinflated tyre pressure. Tyres can also be damaged due to impact damage, cuts, and camber wear.

It’s always important to avoid hitting the kerb when parking or driving. Hitting the kerb hard can result in hidden tyre damage which is only noticeable later on. If you suspect a problem with your tyre or tyres, take it to your nearest garage with tyre fitting facilities. If there is wheel imbalance then this can damage the car’s steering mechanisms, bearings and suspensions. By replacing any tyres which need to be replaced quickly, you’ll find that balance again, and this will ensure safety and longevity. Car tyres account for 20% of all MOT test failures, so it’s important to make sure they’re in good working order.


What should be checked on your tyres?

To ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, you need to ensure you take care of the tyres. This can be done by checking the tread depth(When a tyre is new, it will have a tread depth of around 8mm and over time, the tyre will lose more and more to the road surface. Although the legal limit is 1.6mm, it is generally advisable to change the tyres when they reach around 2-3mm. Consider buying a tread depth tester to see when your need to be replaced), looking for any holes and any general wear and tear. As well as being on the lookout for cracks in and around the treads of the tyre, another important area to check is the tyres sidewall. A crack in the sidewall could result in a blow-out so if you see one, it’s safer to get it checked at your local garage. Looking after your tyres should not be just simply to get your vehicle through the MOT, but also to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. A new tyre should offer you maximum grip and optimum performance. If a tyre or tyres needs to be replaced then you will need your garage to find tyres which fit your vehicle and your driving style. Once the new tyres are fitted, you should experience an incredibly smooth drive.


Why should you choose LA Autos as your Bedford tyre fitters?

At LA Autos, we are the leading car tyre fitter in Beds and we have extensive experience of ensuring vehicles are kept in great condition. We have vast experience in looking after vehicles so if you need help with your vehicle tyres, we can help. Fitting tyres requires the correct tools and equipment, and it requires attention to detail. Do you require the help of car tyre fitters? You can find a professional service in Bedford from LA Autos. Don’t leave a tyre problem to get worse. We ensure that the process of fitting the new tyres for you is fast, efficient and affordable. We already stock a wide range of tyres to help speed up the process and we have different brands available for your individual requirements and budget.


Here at LA Autos we know how important it is to have your car at your disposal, whether for work purposes in the case of a commercial vehicle or recreational purposes. Our clear focus is always on reuniting you with your car as soon as possible. At LA Autos we can supply and fit your car with any brand of tyre, often on the day the car is brought in.


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