Benefit from our engine diagnostics in Beds

Has a warning light appeared on your dashboard but you’re not sure what the problem is? Maybe you’ve got a feeling that it’s something to do with the engine? Or maybe you are certain it’s something you’ve experienced before? If you need to find a garage that specialise in engine diagnostics, we are here to help.

At LA Auto Services people in and around Beds trust us to find the solution

We offer years of experience and have the latest technology on hand to help us with our engine diagnostics. Our goal is to find the problem and solve it quickly and efficiently, and with the help of our equipment we can check:

  • Exhaust emission fault
  • Fuel Injection problems
  • Engine management faults
  • Airbag problems
  • Live data/Actuations
  • Data logging
  • All systems and functions covered
  • ABS faults
  • Air conditioning electrical faults
  • Air induction systems
  • CAN (line) identification faults
  • Flat spot, hesitation and misfire
  • Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)

As well as engine diagnostics we are also able to help with a range of other car servicing and MOT’s. To book a service or MOT with our team, follow the booking form or give the garage a call today on 01234 354237.