Top Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained on Car Journeys

Car journeys are stressful, and when you add children into the mix…it becomes even more complicated! The thought of a 6 hour drive down to Cornwall with children confined to the car and the usual ‘are we nearly there yet’ on repeat can bring any parent to tears!

How can you make your car journey less stressful, children entertained and everyone happy? We’ve got some great tips for you to help with younger and older childen;

  1. Activity books – Drawing books, colouring books and puzzle books are a great thing to bring along. They don’t take up much space and can entertain children for a good hour! Traditional story and picture books are great whether your child can read or not too.
  2. Travel games – Stock up on mini version of popular games. Chess, connect4 and battleship are timeless and sure to keep older children occupied for a while.
  3. Audio books – Maybe better for older children, but audio books are great for playing in the background and mean everyone can enjoy them at the same time
  4. Frequent stops – If you’ve travelled with a toddler who is only just out of nappies you’ll know the stress of having to ask them every 5 minutes if they need the toilet! Frequent stops give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and something else to look at other than the passing roads. Plan in somewhere unusual along the way to stave off boredom. If you have little ones, see if there is a soft play centre along the route where they can burn off energy and (hopefully) sleep for the rest of the journey…win win!
  5. A tablet – An iPad, Kindle or your phone with Kids YouTube, Netflix or other streaming services or games is always a winner when things get tough!
  6. Portable DVD player – A DVD player is cheaper than a tablet and doesn’t require the internet! Simply pack a selection of films and TV shows set it up in the back of the car
  7. Word games – A true classic who’s popularity has wained over the years. Bring back I-Spy, word association and story games to keep children (and adults) entertained
  8. Snacks – Children seem to be bottomless pits of hunger and a car journey is a prime time for them to be ‘hungry’. Stock up on snacks for the car
  9. Mini toy bags – Put together some toy bags before you set off. Include little toys they’ve never had before (like a party bag). These can be small things bought from a poundshop or little home made things. Either way the kids will enjoy looking through and finding something new
  10. Sing along – Get some kids CDs and have a good old fashioned sing a long. Kids will love singing (shouting) along to them