Are you struggling to keep your car clean in the winter?

It can sometimes feel impossible to keep your car clean in the winter, with snow, puddles, slush and mud, it seems the weather is constantly against you. Not everyone has time to wash their cars and it is definitely not an enjoyable activity in the cold. Using a car wash regularly can become expensive, so if there are ways to prevent your car from getting quite so messy, they are probably worth it!

  1. Buy a pressure washer! A pressure washer can make the process of cleaning your car much quicker and also much more effective. You don’t need any extra cleaning agents, just clean stubborn dirt off your car in minutes!
  2. Wax your car regularly to protect against road salt.
  3. Make sure that you dry your car after it has been washed – this will help it to stay cleaner for longer and will also avoid water from freezing the windows on the really cold days.
  4. Use mud flaps to stop mud from reaching the arches and doors.
  5. Avoid country roads where possible – not only do they get gridded as often, they are also much likely to be covered in mud and puddles. If you do use country roads, drive slowly.
  6. Put rubber mats over the carpets over the winter to avoid muddy boots leaving stains on the car flooring. It is much easier to replace muddy rubber mats than the carpets!
  7. Store your car in a garage where possible, or if not, invest in a car cover.
  8. Snow foam is worth using to get the worst of grime and salt off of your car. Coat the car in snow foam and jet wash off to give your car a deep clean this winter.
  9. Keep surface wipes in the glovebox so that if someone does bring mud into the car, you have a way to wipe it off before it dries.
  10. Purchase a wheel brush to get into the smaller spots!

It is worth investing in a professional clean throughout the inside and outside of your car monthly to make it easier to keep clean throughout the rest of the month.

We hope you found these top tips useful, make sure you put them to good use! If you need to get your car serviced and ready to go, please contact LA Autos via our contact us page or ring us on 01234 354237.